Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer, I welcome you!

Here I am once again re-starting my blog... I think it's about time I actually stuck to it for real! Last week after much saving I finally bought my gorgeous Samsung NX1000 so hopefully the content of Soley.Lina will be far more beautiful than last time! Having also just finished my internship with Makin Jan Ma last Friday it's fair to say I can dedicate more time to sharing what I do with you lovely people and I think some images of my time at MJM would be a great place to start. I would totally recommend visiting the store as the collections, based on characters created by Makin, are super cool and the shop itself is the epitome of summer. Take a look!

Come by and visit!...

You won't miss the door!

The beautiful Ananda and Marta looking for Benny's

Testing with my new camera!

She's so hot

Marta ready for the Jody Sky launch party

The beautiful shop a la beach hut


The beautiful interns

Pardying with Tom

Wretch 32 at the Oliver Spencer afterparty

Running wild

 Love these girls