Thursday, 8 August 2013

Another year, a deeper love

After a very relaxing week, I think it's about time I write up my experiences of my 4th consecutive trip to Lourdes with the Arundel and Brighton diocese. I arrived home last Friday totally exhausted and drained, yet I was so full of joy and exhilaration once again as a result of spending time in one of the most incredible places on earth. This year I spent my days in the Accueil, assisting the pilgrims from our diocese who required the most help. It was a huge pleasure to care for people who needed the most love and support, and having worked in the Accueil also truly opened my eyes to the work that carers do in day to day life. Of course I took a few snaps here and there and hopefully they will at least be a glimpse, if not an encouragement to visit the amazing place that is Lourdes.

Packing all my white pants!

Greetings from the redshirts

The pilgrims in motion

Coffee break in the Accueil

Eww cleaning?!

Interrupting the Shrewsbury pilgrimage mass...

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Taking a rest by the Basilica

The gorgeous Trina and Lizzie

At peace by the Grotto

Sore feet at rest

The infamous Hotel Saint-Sauveur ice cream

My bestie Joe and I after a hard day's work

Oh Daniel!

Celebrating with 10,000 other pilgrims at the International Mass

Fr. Jerry told some amazing stories...

In awe at the Candlelight procession

The Basilica bathed in the Candlelight procession

On the night shift: Nigella who??

The Accueil at night

The beautiful Simon family, but where is Babs?

My wonderful pilgrim Barbara and I

James and Richard looking surprisingly good at the hotel party night...

Chillin with Rich

Yes Joey!!

Taking in the sights from the Accueil rooftop


The final Mass

Best buds Justin and Clive

My beautiful ladies

Need some cooling down boys?

My gorgeous little sister saying goodbye!

A fry up on the ferry is THE best way to end the pilgrimage