Sunday, 25 August 2013

Do you want to go to the seaside?

That's right, I am off on holiday with the fam tomorrow and where better place to go than the Isle of Wight?! Such a classic Brit holiday and with the thought of having the beach as a 5th member of the clan, I'd say it's understandable as to why my excitement is pretty hard to contain. The funny thing about this trip is that we're going to be staying just down the road from the hotel where I went for my Year 6 school trip. Crazy or what? I shall be bringing my laptop with me so I'll be able to blog away to my heart's content! Unfortunately the dates of this trip does bring to mind the fact that this is the last week of August and autumn is essentially just around the corner. Once again summer has been and nearly gone, but the good news is next season's collections have already hit the racks and are waiting to be purchased. I have to admit Zara and Mango have done it for me, getting it spot on with all the new trends including my favourite mix of tartan and anarchy. I think next week calls for a shopping spree, don't you?

Seriously cool
In flesh this dress is beaut!
Image 2 of PRINTED TOP from Zara
In LOVE with this blouse! That print!

The thought of a new coat...