Friday, 9 August 2013

It's a beautiful day in Notting Hill!

Today the fam and I waved tarrah to my baby sister as she set off on her first solo adventure. She'll be back on Monday, but it's pretty exciting seeing as she's stuck by my side all these years so I wish her luck for the weekend. Waving her off at Paddington also meant a trip to Londres which of course we made the most of. Father took us to Portobello road where we had a lovely time taking in the market stalls and boutiques, resulting in one or two fabulous purchases. So take a look at my day out below and visit this beaut of a spot yourself!


Always time for ice cream!

Strawberry and Pistachio is an insanely good combo
Check out the car

Time for a tea break

The Natural History Museum never fails to amaze me

My beautiful rents


Such a classic scene

The Lebanese ceiling - cool lights bro

Too good, barely had room for mains!

My gorgeous new sandals from Author x