Sunday, 18 August 2013

London College of Fashion here I come!

I can now say that after two long but insanely good years, my A-levels are officially over. Results day came and went on Thursday, bringing with it the good news that I will be studying Fashion Business at the London College of Fashion in September. Woohoo! In celebration the fam and I took a trip to Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum to feed some very cute and friendly ducks. Following sightings of the Russian pelicans in St. James' park on Wednesday, it was pretty cool seeing cranes and flamingos Thursday afternoon. So having spent Friday recovering after a fabulous night out, the search now continues for a full time job within the fashion industry which I hope will help me be more successful on my part-time course. Buzzin'.

Such a beaut view

Arth chillin
Spot the heron!


Found some pelicans
These ducks were pretty greedy...

I think Arth was a bit scared of them...
Super cute ducklings!!