Monday, 14 October 2013

Only the Isle of Wight!

Okay, so the plan to take my laptop with me and blog everyday evidently failed, as did the overall plan to blog more regularly. Feeling very guilty right now to say the least... On the other hand the trip itself was very much a success, the key factor being it was soo hot and sunny all week! Had there been rain I reckon it would have been a totally different story... Well the week began with a fabulous sausage bap breakfast followed by a walk about the seriously cute miniature village in Godshill, which ended up being a spot we constantly passed through en route to various other locations. Of course, once checked in the afternoon was filled with a trek around Shanklin which brought back some memories! Throughout the week evening strolls across the beach were frequent, as well as visits to the wonderful Watermill Inn, which felt a bit like a betrayal to our own hotel, but what can I say? - They served great deserts and always had live music! Another highlight of the week was the Donkey Sanctuary which after reading some of the stories about how the donkeys had been treated did bring a few tears to our eyes, however it was so lovely to see the love and care which they were now being given. Continuing with the animal theme, after a ridiculous amount of persuading on my part that this place existed, we finally went to the Alpaca farm! And all the waiting was definitely worth it, especially when brought face to face with such gorgeous faces! So yes it was a fabulous week and honestly I have a sad feeling that it'll be the last family holiday we'll have for a while, but at least it was one to remember :)

In other news I am now in the full swing of things at LCF, having made some friends already and working hard (another excuse as to why I have neglected my blog for a while haha). Even though I have always had a huge interest into how the business of fashion works, I am in awe as to how much in depth you can go with this subject, but I guess this just adds to my eagerness to learn more. As I am studying part-time the initial plan to study and work at the same time fell through slightly after I was offered a job with a fabulous British brand, yet it was evident that no way would I be able to cope with the hours and my studies so unfortunately I had to decline them. However it means I can stay at home in my own beautiful bed and focus on getting the best results out of the first term with the extra time I have, and hopefully come December I will be able to look for a more business based job within the industry. So I should also essentially have more time to write, but I guess we will have to wait and see about that haha...

Packing list!!

The model village - such a cool place!


My beaut sis and padre

Bit of a naughty scene if you ask me...
My increds fam!

Probably the best Thai I have ever had... Thank you Black Cat!

I remember forgetting my camera when we visited Shanklin Chine on my school trip... thank goodness I remembered it this time!

Such a stunning house
My cutie sis and I

So many beautiful flowers! Love the colour combination

Hello caterpillar...

Mama gave a lot of love to the donkeys :')

So cute

The most fabulous gardens! 
Embrace my photographic skills

I literally came out of this greenhouse dripping with sweat...surprised the plants weren't dying!

Lovely crab meat roll!

My gorgeous little sis

Greetings needles!

My trusty brogues!

Please support the RNLI, they do wonders!

Yarmouth sunset

Shanklin at dawn... beautiful but waaaay too early for my liking!
Shanklin at a more civilised hour

So many school memories of this castle!

Oh Sophia...

Finally saw my alpacas!!

Actually in love with them

In awe of the architecture of Osborne House
Portsmouth from the beach at Osborne House


Goodbye Isle of Wight and good evening Portsmouth!