Thursday, 2 January 2014

Let's hope it's a good one!

Happy New Year everyone! (A day late but hey, it's pretty good knowing my delays haha) So I've already been asked by quite a few people what my new year's resolution this year will be, and as per usual I came back with my fabulously witty answer of 'not making one'. Thing is I feel I ought to this year. Googling 'most inspirational new year's resolutions' was my first port of call and to be honest it did result in some really cool quotes, but I do need my own one rather than someone else's. And I think after a bit of a turbulent ending to last year, 2014 does need to be time for me to refocus on myself and actually what I personally know to be the more important things in life. I do need to make an effort to see my friends and family and show them how much I appreciate them being there. I also need to be more grateful with what I have and any future opportunities which come my way. But ultimately I think my faith needs to come first and although it's a focus around the time I go to Lourdes, I don't think that's enough. I should really be thinking about it and showing it more in my everyday life. I mean, I know it won't do me any harm and ultimately, it will make me grow and develop into a better person. So here's to 2014; a year of love, appreciation and laughter.