Monday, 10 February 2014

Why should we care?

Working on my current assignment for uni has left me thinking a lot, especially when one of the report topics is about a potential global minimum wage for garments workers. Having always been opposed to child labour and poor working conditions for those in the fashion industry, finding out about the problem in more detail has been a bit tough. I think it's safe to say that when we buy our clothes little thought goes into the hard work behind the product, especially when the sales have hit and all anyone cares about is whether they've picked up a bargain or not. The other night my dad managed to record ITV's Exposure: Fashion Factories Undercover which proved to be a fantastic source of evidence for my report, but also a hardening reality of the situation in places such as a Bangladesh and Cambodia. Below is the link for the programme and another video taken from the Labour behind the Label website. I think it's important that the general public as a whole learn more about the manufacturing process behind the goods in our stores and work out a way to ensure young children and workers in garment factories are not exposed to abuse. In this ever demanding world it's vital that the workers are given what they deserve, especially if it ultimately means their survival.