Friday, 7 March 2014

Happy International Women's Day Kitties!

Congrats girls! Today is our day. To celebrate I've selected my top three most awe inspiring women. These gals have made change and I think without them, I reckon our world would be a slightly gloomier and less colourful place. What do you think?

Hands down Audrey is the ultimate icon. I adore her for her good heart, her humility, the characters she embodied on screen and of course that incredible style. I think the majority of women would agree that she was and still is a massive inspiration to all - a form of inspiration no amount of words can express.

You either like her or you don't, but ultimately she was the first and only British Female Prime Minister. In a time when women were strongly fighting for respect, Margaret Thatcher won and showed everyone just what we can do. And I think that's great, regardless of her politics. So hats off to you Maggie! 
Having created the world's most luxurious site, no one can deny that Natalie Massenet has proven a woman's capabilities. Additionally as the current chairman of the BFC, she is a huge influence for women and girls who want to pursue and achieve their dreams.