Monday, 14 April 2014

Barca Life

Okay over 1 week overdue... my excuse being that I had tons of photos to go through?? Well anyway I have prepared a photo essay for all you lovely people so you can appreciate just how much I love this city. I think what was great about this trip was that I got to be a proper tourist and wander round really looking at everything, unlike my disastrous attempt 2 years ago haha. Only downfall was the weather which decided to turn very wet on the day of my departure. How predictable!

Barcelona Port


Cute little antique shop

Love the architecture!

The ever unfinished Sagrada Famila...

In awe of the architecture inside - genuinely blown away by Gauid's incredible design

Truly beautiful stained glass

The Holy Family

Woo! Finally made it to Sitges!

Never knew Mermaids could do karate

Gorgeously high

Catedral de Barcelona