Friday, 25 April 2014

Time for Change

How often do you consider where your clothes come from? Do you think about the work that goes into producing your favourite dress or blouse? And what about the people who have probably suffered a great deal as a result of making your favourite clothes?

A year on from the Rana Plaza disaster we saw the hugely successful Fashion Revolution campaign put into action yesterday with major names like Caryn Franklin and Louis Smith wearing their clothes #insideout, in addition to the thousands of people worldwide tweeting and instagramming their own labels. It is so important that we recognise the tragedy which occurred on the 24th April last year and try to make a big enough change so that something like the building collapse never happens again. We need to protect the people who put so much into the manufacturing processes and ensure that they stay safe whilst making the products which help make the textile and apparel industry what it is today.

Here are a few of my favourite #insideout pictures including the beaut pictures of myself and the Etrala team.

Worldwide revolution

Susie Bubble innit

The Etrala Team

Wearing the SS14 Crop Top #insideout
Also love this quote from Benjamin Harrison sending the message home. What are you wearing??