Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Back from Malaga

A lot has happened in the past year and I know things will continue to change. My motto seems to be everything will work out in the end' and to be honest I think they're words to live by. Although the post relates to a trip from a month ago, I'm still posting this on a high. My holiday to Malaga with Jack was probably the best trip there so far! I've put together a little photo essay of my fave parts, it's been so good to be happily snapping away with my camera again. Jack and I managed to explore both Frigiliana and the city of Malaga - I couldn't believe how gorgeous these places were! All the architecture, cleanliness and beautiful mediterranean colours - I loved the Cathedral of Malaga in particular, although we didn't have time to go inside. Frigiliana was also enchanting, all the little streets and white washed houses! It's inspired me to maybe set up shop there one day...